Dear Members,

We have some important updates for you regarding new enhancements to the Sav-Rx patient portal, as well as how you can use your MyChart account to communicate with Maranda, who is the expert firefighter scheduler for Spokane Valley Primary Care.

New Sav-Rx Patient Portal Update

Sav-Rx has a very user-friendly portal that you can use to manage your prescriptions online! In addition to tracking mail-orders and claims, you can now receive Refill Reminder push notifications directly to your phone, so you never forget.

Check out the PDF flyer and scan the QR code to get started!

Utilize MyChart to Optimize Firefighter Scheduling

Did you know that there is a new alternative to calling Spokane Valley Primary Care to set up your firefighter exam?

You can communicate with Maranda, Lead Patient Experience Representative and Firefighter Scheduler, directly in MyChart! This allows you to not have to worry about calling during business hours and ensures that you reach the right person every time.

NOTE:  Do not try to directly schedule your firefighter exam in MyChart. MyChart does allow patients to schedule their own appointments online, but this does not apply to Firefighter Exams. This is because there are restrictions on which providers offer the exams and the coding of the appointment.

For more information on how to use this feature and set up your MyChart account, check out the tip sheet.