Eligibility & Enrollment

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Eligible Members:

  • Eligibility begins first of the month following date of hire, as long as you are:
  • A full-time, active LEOFF I member with established LEOFF I membership; or
  • A full-time, active LEOFF II member with established LEOFF II membership, and 
  • Regularly scheduled to work a minimum of 30 hours per week for membership in Local 29.

Eligible Spouses/Registered Domestic Partners:

Legal Spouse, which includes the legally formed marriage of two persons validly formed in any jurisdiction in the United States or in a foreign jurisdiction that is recognized under Washington law.

Surviving Spouse of a deceased member (not divorced) who was enrolled for active or retiree coverage at the time of death or is a surviving spouse of a LEOFF I or LEOFF II member who was enrolled for coverage in the Plan prior to their death.

Domestic Partner, registered pursuant to state law or domestic partners who have signed and meet all the requirements of the affidavit of Domestic Partnership established by the Trust.

Eligible Children:

  • Natural children of the member or spouse
  • Legally adopted children of the member or spouse
  • Surviving children of deceased member
  • Children of a registered Domestic Partner
  • Child placed with the member and spouse for the purpose of legal adoption
  • Foster children are not eligible.


Open Enrollment

Every fall, near the end of the plan year, open enrollment will occur, giving you a window of opportunity to make changes to your plan before the upcoming renewal. The benefits you elect during open enrollment will be effective from January through December for the upcoming year. With few exceptions, this is the only time you can make changes to your plan, unless you have a qualifying event. Please watch for your annual open enrollment each fall for specific enrollment details.

When can I change my coverage?

During the yearly open enrollment period in the fall. Or, if you have a qualifying event outside of open enrollment, please contact the Trust Office directly.

This is what you will need to enroll:

  • For yourself: Completed enrollment form
  • For yourself + your family: Completed enrollment form
  • Spouse/domestic partner: Copy of marriage certificate or domestic partnership declaration
  • Children: Copy of birth certificate for you or your spouse’s natural children, or adoption papers for adopted children

Helpful Resources

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Prescription Drug Plan

You can reach Sav-Rx 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 228-3108.

Know the lingo

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