SIM Firefighter Medical Exam

Comprehensive care at no cost

The SFFBT has partnered with Spokane Internal Medicine (SIM) to offer Local 29 members a comprehensive firefighter medical exam at no cost.

The medical exam is available to all Local 29 members, including non-Medicare eligible retirees participating in the SFFBT health plan.

The clinic is no longer doing outreach to contact members for scheduling, so it’s your responsibility to contact the clinic directly for scheduling. Please call Maranda at 509-598-7749 to schedule your exam now, before both time and availability become scarce. Depending on your provider and time preference, exam dates may be booked out several months.

Who is eligible?

The medical exam is available to all Local 29 members, including non-Medicare eligible retirees participating in the SFFBT health plan. 

Why is there a medical exam specifically for firefighters?

We have developed this program because of the unique risk factors associated with being a firefighter. We are at elevated risk for certain types of cancer, respiratory issues, arthritis, allergic reactions and depression, often linked with higher suicide rates. Early detection and treatment are critical to addressing these diseases successfully.

We have worked closely with SIM physicians to develop an exam profile that meets our clinical needs as firefighters. Our goal is to remove as many barriers from this process as we can.

Is my exam confidential?

Your exam and the results are completely confidential. Your results will not be shared with the City, the Local, the Trust or anyone else you do not specifically authorize in writing. Under federal law, SIM can only share your results with your written consent.

Hot Tip:

Schedule your annual exam and earn a $500 HRA bonus!

Remember, the 2024 $500 VEBA bonus contribution is tied to members receiving their Annual Exam from SIM between October 1, 2022, and September 30, 2023. Act now to schedule and complete your exam before the deadline.

SIM Firefighter Medical Exam


How do I make an appointment?

Contact SIM at 509-598-7749

How long will it take to get an appointment?

Generally, appointments are only a couple of weeks out.

Where will my exam take place?

Exams will be done at:

1215 N McDonald Rd #101

Will this exam cost me anything?

No. The exam is fully paid for by the SFFBT.

If you are referred for additional testing or procedures, coverage will depend on the diagnosis or reason for the referral. Please contact WPAS if you have questions about outside services.

Who will receive my exam results: me or my primary care physician?


Your primary care physician can receive your results only if you authorize it in writing. We do encourage you to transfer your exam results to your doctor, and we will make sure this process is easy for you. If you do not have a primary care physician, SIM is willing to become your primary care provider even though they are often closed to new patients.

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