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Current Vision Plan Summary

Changes to the vision plan

Effective January 1st, 2020, your vision plan benefits will include a benefit for elective refractive corrective surgery, not the result of cataracts (e.g. LASIK Surgery). There are two very important conditions with this change. First, there is a lifetime maximum benefit of $2,400. Second, when you use this benefit, it is in lieu of any future hardware benefit (frames, lenses, contacts) under the Plan. You would remain eligible for an annual eye exam, however, you will no longer be eligible to receive benefits for lenses, frames, or contacts. Please contact the Trust office for full details on how to use this benefit.

  • Vision Exam – Covered in full
  • Vision Hardware – 100% up to $600 every two calendar years
  • Corrective Elective Refractive Surgery (non-cataract) – Up to a $2,400 lifetime allowance for elective refractive surgery, in lieu of any future benefits for hardware (frames, lenses, or contacts)

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