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  • If I do not have any changes to make, do I have to return the open enrollment form?

    No, if you do not have any changes to report, you do not have to return the form.

  • How do I add my new spouse/child?

    “Complete and submit a new enrollment form within 30 days after the creation of the marriage license or birth certificate.  After 30 days, new dependents can only be added during open enrollment.”

    You can find the enrollment form under the Forms tab of the website.

  • When can I change my coverage?

    During the yearly open enrollment, held in the fall for the coming year.

  • What is a HRA and VEBA account?

    A Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) is an employer-sponsored plan that can be used to reimburse a portion of you and your eligible family member’s out-of-pocket medical expenses. It is not an insurance program, but a financial reimbursement plan funded by your employer.

    A VEBA is a tax-free health reimbursement account which can continue year over year. A VEBA can be used by you and your eligible dependents to reimburse for qualified health expenses after your retirement.

  • How does my VEBA HRA account work?

    Your HRA contributions from your employer go to your individual VEBA account at BPAS. BPAS was hired by the Trust to administer your VEBA HRA account. You can find details about your VEBA HRA account by logging into your account online here.

  • How do I add a beneficiary to my VEBA?

    A VEBA account does not have beneficiary assignments. However, if the member has a spouse or eligible dependent, age 26 and under, the member can add them to their reimbursement account by logging their account online.

    1. Log into your account online.
    2. Once logged in, select the “BPASClaims Portal” link.
    3. Navigate to your “PROFILE” and then access your dependent(s).
    4. Click on the “Add Dependent” link.
    5. The dependent’s name, SSN, date of birth and relationship information are all required.

    If you need additional assistance please contact the BPAS customer service line at (855) 404-8322 (VEBA) from 8am ET to 8pm ET.